Please DO Not Let This Organization Go Out of Business

 Funds Needed ASAP. ​No Amount Too Small. $10-30 from 600 People or $50 from 120 will allow us to assist more people who have experienced low energy trauma  or need quantum radionic tones and simple things like quality emotional or spiritual or nutritional support. 

Since Feb. 2000, paratransit riders have been standing up for their rights and the rights of wheelchair taxi riders 

and those who ride fixed route accessible transit. 

IMPRUVE is the Assumed Name of BNICEH, the Black Network In Children's Emotional Health.


 We are hosted by BNICEH, which helps the disabled people, senior and youth community, too.  During the shutdown, we still support Reparations for people of Afrikan descent and restoral of quantum energy balance and health that is not based on chemical warfare and questionable methods that neither provide wellness nor restore order to chaos in the mind and body.  But we need funds to continue our work. Donate via PayPal donate button or paypal.com to [email protected] Contact office2.solexnation.com - User name Optimized Maat 


   Like an oak we bend, but do not break




Information on Our Blogs

Posted on April 14, 2015 at 1:40 PM

 We are connected with the following blogs:




We share information with blogs and PINs moderated by Dr. Ayo Maat on Tumblr and WordPress, and Pinterest.

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